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 Awesome  Hand Made and Poured  Soy Wax Candles, Melts, &   Much  More

Stunning  Classy  &  Affordable  Mosaic  Burners 

Lynettes candles Wintons selection of our  awesome products

Our  Mosaic Burners are very stunning, look  classy in any home. They come in two styles.

A  pink and green daisy flower with a glass dish and a gold and silver mirror mosaic with a glass dish. We sell these with 4  soy melts of your choosing and a soy  wax t/light candle ( no paraffin ones here) to get you started.

 All this for an incredible $25

These come packaged in a plastic cylinder or a cardboard box.

They look amazing burning at night , perfect for a romantic evening.

Our Brilliant Scented Melts