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the  best candles and melts

 Awesome  Hand Made and Poured  Soy Wax Candles, Melts, &   Much  More

Beautiful  Long  Lasting Room Diffusers in classy cut  glass bottles

Our  very classy Long lasting  Room  Diffusers  come in a classy  cut glass  bottle with a silver topped cork.  The reeds come in either natural, or black ( when available) The bottles are filled with a base oil which we then add our fragrance oils.  They last for a long time ( have been told by a customer 18 months ).  Turn the reeds  upside down every day for two to three days until the oil has diffused into the reeds. These are best if put in a sunny spot. The price for these are $23. These are known to last up to 18 months, so great value.  100mls

Layer your room fragrance with a diffuser and either  a candle from our extensive range or using a burner with our soy wax melts