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the  best candles and melts

 Awesome  Hand Made and Poured  Soy Wax & Coconut Wax Candles, Melts, &   Much  More

Lynettes Candles Winton Beautiful  & Affordable Soy Wax Candles
New Fragrance coming soon Anjou Pear & Freesia
NOTE: Our lge size candles will be increasing in size to 300mls. There will be a slight increase on the price .. These will become available when existing size sells out.
 In the interim we have added an extra large size 350-370mls  double wicked candle  priced at the great price of $35.

We love our beautifully scented & affordable soy candles, we have then burning all the time. We are constantly sourcing jars to keep our black & white theme. 

Our candles come in three sizes, sm, med & lge. 

These candles are all handcrafted, poured, and labelled at our home by me. (Lynette)

They are made with 100% pure sustainable Soy wax , lead & zinc free wicks, phthalate free, &  fragrance oils that are made using distilled water.

We have 15  great fragrances to choose from, something for everyone.

Most popular fragrances are Black Orchid, Guava & Lychee and also Lemongrass & Citrus Zest.

We do delete fragrances from time to time but try to replace them with even nicer ones

Burn times are approx:

Sm. 15+

Med 35+

Lge  40+

New Xtra Lge 55+

Another option for your candles is that we also make our  beautiful candles in glass retro containers  and special designer containers at your request. Pictures below are just a sample of  what I have done.

 100% Soy Scented Candles in Retro Containers